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The home of Christianity

Story by March 30th, 2015

For as long as I can remember Canterbury Cathedral has had scaffolding up the side of it. I lived in Canterbury for a year or so in 2008 and there was even Scaffolding up it then so why did it take me until 2015 to actually get round to climbing it! It’s not an easy one, it’s in a secure compound which has security and until midnight the place is lit up like a Christmas tree with more sodium lighting that your average grow room.

However I had a plan, but I had no idea if that plan would work. Turns out it did.


The ironic thing about a Cathedral is there’s really only a certain number of photos you can take, they’re impressive structures to be up close to, but once you’ve taken a few photos looking up at the towers and along the gantries, you’ve kinda exhausted your possibilities. We could have worked our way round more of the rooftop here had we wanted to, but we were pretty visible clambering around and there was fairly regular activity below so we decided not to outstay our welcome, grab our photos and leave.


It fulfilled a 7 year ambition, what’s not to like :)