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Only a small bit, but I liked it.

Story by February 28th, 2016

OK admittedly this is only one tiny piece of the Metro system in Paris, but it was a pretty cool place to mooch about for an hour or two. I'm not naming the precise location, but anyone who can use Google will find it in a matter of minutes. Don't get too excited however, word on the street is these trains are no longer here and the place is all but sealed up now (Nov 2016.) Pity.


This section of track used to be a turning loop many years ago when the station just up from here was the terminus of the line. After the line was extended, the loop of track was sealed off from the rest of the system apart from a small section which was used as sidings. This had these extremely old metro trains shunted into it which had seemingly been down here for quite some time. A popular spot for graffiti artists, the place was plastered in it and the trains were all but a wreck. I've no idea how old they actually were, but the wooden seating and very primitive controls says very.

I had always wanted to see some of the Paris Metro having traveled on it many times over the years. Transportation systems, especially metro systems, hold a bit of a fascination for me and the infrastructure always amazes me as no one ever really sees it. There's little details hidden away in the most surprising of places sometimes and there's just something about track underground that I just love.


At one end of the siding it's possible to get a glimpse through to the live part of the network. Literally just up the tunnel from here is a station, you can even see people on the platform, but they can't really see you as you're in the shadows. Still not a wise idea to hang around too long, just enough time to get a shot of a passing train then slide off before someone catches a glimpse of you.


This is what remains of the rest of the loop which at some point has been converted into some sort of use. There was ventilation equipment running in one of the rooms, but the rest of the place was empty. I've no idea what it used to be used for, but it was pretty interesting to see.


At some point I will take the time to see more of the Paris Metro system, but this part was pretty cool and definitely worth the awkward crawl to get into.