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The Lloyds Building

Getting high in London

Story by October 31st, 2015

I love getting up high in the City, the views are awesome and the Lloyds building is a great rooftop. It may not be particularly high by the standards of some of the other rooftops in the City, but it is a very interesting rooftop as there are lots of gantries, walkways and spiral staircases to climb about. It also makes you appreciate how gigantic some of the new buildings are that are being built in this part of the City.

Go back about 30 years when it was completed, the Lloyds building was the highest structure in the area. Not anymore, it is dwarfed by the “Cheese Grater” and “Walkie Talkie” buildings that stand next door.

I’m pretty sure this is the only Grade 1 listed structure I’ve ever climbed.


it's all about the cranes

Yeah, they’re big, blue and pretty unique. They are actually used to hoist cages up and down the side of the building, presumably for maintenance purposes.


It might not be the highest rooftop in London, but it remains a firm favourite of mine.